Thinking Outside the Box

We don’t follow a beaten path. Greatness comes from thinking different. We think differently by building a line of yachts that bridge good science, good will and good fun. A strong component of WOW Yachts is on ocean advocacy and research 0 dot


We defy the ordinary, disdain the status quo, and push boundaries every day. The result is a platform of exceptional stability, performance and bespoke elegance. Our mission statement is to Inspire, Educate and Evolve0 dot


We don’t follow trends. We make trends. Combined with a lifetime of experience in yachting and working with the best skilled craftsmen, we keep ahead of the curve in every inch of our work. The end result is innovation in motion0 dot

Our unique and diverse backgrounds

Come together in this yacht,
So that others can seek their own adventures.
That’s what drives us0 dot

Powered by our Passion
Driven by your Desire 0 dot